6 Reasons You Should Consider Licensing Your Pet

The basics are usually covered when you own a pet, including feeding them well, grooming, and taking them to the vet. However, something some pet owners forget to do is consider licensing them. Even if you’ve had your furry friend microchipped, a license provides an extra layer of protection in a range of areas.

Take a look at why you should consider it:

Complying with the law

In many states, licensing your dog is the law. When you license them, you will receive a tag to place on their collar. In some cases, you could get stopped on a walk and asked to show the license. If you don’t have one, there could be a fine.

Proves your pet is vaccinated

For example, to get a license for your dog, you need to prove they’ve had a rabies vaccination. This is easy to show once you’ve visited your Green Valley vet and have the paperwork to show your pooch is up to date with jabs. This license also shows other people, including dog groomers and boarding kennels, that your dog is vaccinated and licensed.

Improves the chance of your pet being returned if lost

If you lose your pet, it is a heart-breaking feeling, and if they’re not licensed, it may make it more challenging to find them. Licensed and microchipped dogs are often returned home when found as they have all your details stored for a contact. Without these elements, your pet may be housed in an animal shelter until you find them. This can also incur a fee.

It’s affordable

In many areas, the fee for licensing your pet is affordable. This small fee gives you slightly more protection and complies with the law in many states. However, some licensing requirements also need a dog to be spayed or neutered as well as vaccinated, so visit your local vet for details. You can also apply for a license through some vet practices so enquire for more information.

The fee supports local shelters

The fee paid for your license partly goes towards local animal shelters. This helps them to house lost dogs and pets and provides funding for maintaining the facilities and food. Many shelters do their best for the lost pets in their care, so this extra money ensures these establishments can continue the work.

The process is quick and easy

Applying for a license is quick and straightforward to do. In many states, you can either apply online or via the mail. Some vet practices can also help get the process started. As mentioned above, the fee is affordable and is renewed yearly. Plus, it gives you a little more peace of mind.

Safeguarding your pet comes second nature to many people, and licensing is a great way to top up this protection. If you need help with this application, just search the net for ‘pet licensing’ and your state, and you’ll find a host of information to guide you.

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