6 Reasons Companies migrate to Oracle NetSuite

Why are businesses migrating to NetSuite? Cost reduction used to be the answer, but the discourse is changing. The reasons that drive companies to migrate to NetSuite today are many, including:

  • Modernization.
  • Adoption of new business models and technologies.
  • Quick changes and improvements in user experiences, among others.

Why migrate to Oracle NetSuite, and why now?

NetSuite’s cloud migration can produce transformative results for businesses. They can innovate faster, modernize their processes, scale their operations without increasing staff, get more information from their data, and restructure their business models to create better customer experiences.

Why migrate to Oracle NetSuite, and why now

Some of the reasons we hear from our clients are:

  • Cost reduction – Cost reduction is the most popular reason for migration to NetSuite from old and expensive systems like SAP R3 and its various versions like S4 HANA, to the same Oracle systems like Oracle eBusiness Suite. Customers benefit from day one by stopping paying for upgrades, maintenance, servers, and infrastructure.
  • Staff Agility and Productivity – NetSuite’s design and processes improve business agility and automation, allowing staff to increase the pace of innovation and spend more time on important tasks, letting NetSuite automatically do repetitive tasks like authorizations, communications with clients, among others.
  • Digital transformationNetSuite apps help companies achieve digital transformation by increasing agility in their processes, allowing their employees a broader use of the system in their daily tasks, due to its easy and intuitive graphical interface, which leads to a cultural change of the company.
  • Data consolidation – NetSuite companies spend less time processing and consolidating data and more time analyzing the market and conducting business, thanks to the different reporters and business intelligence included in the suite. Additionally, NetSuite’s reporting tools are designed so that end users can create their own queries.
  • Global reach, mergers, and acquisitions – NetSuite clients achieve rapid and strategic scalability due to rapid implementation through innovative models such as SUITE SUCCESS, which allows implementing best industry and country practices in less than 100 days, which shortens and optimizes the processes of opening new subsidiaries or mergers and acquisitions.
  • Hardware/software expiration – Many organizations migrate to NetSuite due to the expiration of the ERP and/or the hardware on which they operate. These companies realize that migrating to NetSuite is an opportunity to improve the capabilities that they are losing with their current ERP and with the update cycles to new versions of it. NetSuite introduces new functionality twice a year, allowing companies to keep up with new business models.
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Regardless of why a company wants to migrate to NetSuite, at Anchor group, we can help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. With the best ERP, proven implementation services, and support to its users, Anchor Group allows ERP migrations to be smart, strategic, and fast for any company, regardless of its business and its size.

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