6 Online Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

There’s nothing better than looking at the products you want, adding them to your cart, and checking out. You’ve got what you want, and it’s all paid while dress shopping online with Salt & Soda Design.

The trouble is, there are many shopping mistakes you could make that could put a dampener on your shopping experience. Not only that, but some of them could cost you money as well!

Below are some common shopping mistakes to avoid when shopping online:

Many online retailers have very strict return policies. That’s because they know that people will often change their minds about what they want and need once they’ve had a chance to look around a bit and get some facts about the product from reviews and other sources. Some retailers make it almost impossible to return an item once it’s been used, so read the fine print before buying anything — especially if there’s a high price tag involved. 

  • Buying from untrustworthy sellers

Some online marketplaces — eBay, Amazon, and Etsy among them — vet their sellers before they’re allowed to sell on those platforms. But others don’t bother and leave it up to buyers to determine whether they want to buy from someone who doesn’t have a real storefront or business address. Avoid these sellers by sticking to well-known marketplaces. 

  • Revealing too much personal info

Don’t give out more information than necessary when registering for online shopping mistakes sites or buying goods online. When setting up an account with a site, be sure to use descriptive but not personal information, like “Mom,” “Grandma,” “Sports Fan” instead of “Jane Smith.” Do not include anything like your pet’s name, birth date, or where you live. Avoid giving out your phone number if they call to verify the information is correct, save this activity for when you are ready to purchase the goods. 

  • Using a skimpy email address

It’s best to use an email address that includes your name. If you’ve never shopped online before and don’t have an email address that includes your name, create one using your own name or a nickname or alias. To avoid spam and identity theft, don’t use obvious words (e.g., your pet’s name or your birth date) in your email address. Don’t use any numbers in the email address either. 

  • Not checking delivery costs 

Not checking delivery costs before ordering if you’re not in an urgent situation like needing to send a gift immediately, then always check the delivery options and costs before ordering. Some sites offer free delivery on all orders (although there may be minimum spend requirements), whereas others charge per item. By adding just one expensive item to your basket can mean paying more in delivery charges

  • Comparison shopping

Comparison shopping is an important part of the online buying process, but there are some things you should never compare while shopping online – such as your financial information. Never enter your banking information or other personal data on a website unless you trust the site completely. Don’t assume that because the site has a .com address, it is legitimate. Before entering your information, look for signs of a secure connection, such as “HTTP” at the beginning of the website address or a locked icon on your browser’s status bar.

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