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6 Decorating Ideas for a Small Space

Are you tired of seeing all of those Pinterest-worthy and Insta-worthy homes online? They all seem to have one thing in common: LOTS of space.

When Space Is at a Premium

What about if your home doesn’t have that space available? Have no fear! There are plenty of decorating ideas that are perfect for smaller houses and smaller rooms.

Here are some favorite decorating ideas for smaller spaces!

Wall Art

You’ll love the idea of using large art pieces on the walls to make a room appear bigger. Use things like large frames or large-scale prints to give that feeling that you have more wall space than you really do.

Photos on Display

They can be used in any room in your home, but if your walls aren’t suitable, why not go for smaller prints on tables and sides?

There are lots of innovative ideas on the market for displaying photos on display that you can really use to your advantages, such as desktop canvases, photobooks for the coffee table, and even 3d crystal photo ornaments from crystal impressions.


If space is tight, you might want to use a bookshelf as a drop-off for things that just don’t fit elsewhere in your home. More often than not, bookshelves can be used as cubby holes for books and figurines or even as a means of holding clutter.

If you can use it judiciously, try using bookshelves for other things. You might be able to use one as a display case, and you could even set up your laptop in one that is next to your favorite reading chair.

Repurpose Furniture or Accessories

Have some old tables or dressers lying around? Don’t throw them out! Paint them in a fun new color and use them as accent tables, bedside tables, or media consoles!

Not only will it help you revive something that’s already in your home, but it will also free up the space you’d usually need for other furniture. Repurposed furniture can be used in any room of your home.

Don’t Forget Vertical Space

If you don’t have lots of floor space available to use for storage, consider using the walls to store things vertically instead of horizontally.

Build shelves into your wall so you can store books or even kitchen appliances. You’d be surprised how much stuff you’ll be able to fit!

Use Blankets, Extra Pillows, or Throws

This may seem counter-intuitive, but one of the easiest ways to create additional floor space in a small area is to create more seating!

If you have extra blankets around the house or even in baskets, use them as seating areas because they can be organized by color or pattern! Throw pillows are also great because they can be used in so many ways.

They can be used as decorative accent pillows on couches and chairs to give a pop of color if you don’t like the way your couch is decorated. They can also make for fabulous cushion covers if you’ve got some vintage ones lying around!

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