6 Benefits When You Get Your eCommerce SEO Audit

The importance of an eCommerce site audit cannot be emphasized enough. For one, a site audit determines the technical issues affecting your site’s rankings in the search engine results. Should you decide to skip this process, all your SEO efforts are sure to go to waste. If you’re still thinking twice about having an SEO audit, these six benefits should convince you to get your eCommerce SEO audit right now.

Benefit #1: Better Usability & User Experience

Usability refers to the ease with which a person can use and navigate eCommerce sites. That said, a site that’s hard to use will surely drive your potential customers away. You can expect your target audience to look for other similar websites in the search results.

An eCommerce SEO audit can improve user experience (UX) by evaluating the site’s current performance.

It can check various factors, one of which is page speed. This can adversely affect conversion rates if left unmanaged. That’s because users are more likely to leave a page with a site loading speed of more than three seconds.

This service can also determine mobile-friendliness, which is another critical Google ranking factor. To date, more than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile users. More searches are also being done through smartphones than laptops or desktop computers.

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A mobile-friendly website, in essence, also paves the way for a better UX. It’s also easier to navigate, which helps prevent users from bouncing from your important pages.

Benefit #2: Enhanced Technical SEO

Technicalities cover many elements, including rendering, crawling, and indexing. Even if your site has excellent page content, the presence of technical problems will render all your other efforts futile.

A technical check can help you monitor tags, like canonical tags, title tags, and meta tags. This service can also improve your XML sitemap and robots.txt file, especially if you’re using the Shopify platform.

An audit can also make sure that your category pages and product pages have optimized images. Doing so can reduce load time and boost site speed.

Benefit #3: High-Quality Content

It has always been said that content is king. That’s because unique and relevant content can make your online store appear higher in an organic search.

But before you start with long-tail keyword research, you need to have your pages audited first.

This will help experts scour the site for aspects that adversely affect page SEO. Such problems can range from thin content, which search engines view as content with little value.

Another thing of concern is duplicate content. Not only is this a means of plagiarism, but this can pull your rankings down as well.

Site audits can also help uncover duplicate titles and meta-descriptions, as these can be problematic to your website rankings.

Once these are settled, an SEO expert can help you improve your content strategy. This phase often includes primary keyword research and mapping future content. In most cases, this SEO strategy can help you rework current content by using a more popular primary keyword.

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Benefit #4: Stronger Link Profile

Wondering why search engines aren’t ranking your site as high as you’d like it to be? Well, you’ll never know until experts audit your eCommerce website links. They can diagnose a bevy of linking problems, like the broken links on your page.

Everybody hates seeing the dreaded ‘404 Site Not Found’ notice. This does more than just disappoint your target audience. It can affect the way you appear in search results as well.

This process can also help with link building, where you acquire links from reputable websites. Technically, the more backlinks a site has, the more organic traffic it receives. That’s because these URLs make search engines understand that your pages are more important than the other ones in the same industry.

Benefit #5: Updated With eCommerce SEO Algorithm Changes

Many factors affect eCommerce SEO. An audit will do more than shed light on the things that went wrong. It can also keep you updated with the search engines’ algorithm changes.

The use of programs like Google Search Console and Google Analytics can help you see if your pages have adapted well to these changes.

Here, you can check everything from search volume and organic traffic to bounce rate. Any changes will alert you to alter your SEO strategies according to the new algorithms.

Benefit #6: Continued Adherence to New Webmaster Guidelines

Just like search engine algorithms, webmaster guidelines periodically change as well. Audits can keep your webmasters updated, lowering your site’s chances of committing violations that affect Google rankings.

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Get Your eCommerce SEO Audit Today

An SEO audit goes beyond simply pointing out the wrong things in your pages. It can also help you uncover the site’s strong points so that you could work them to your advantage.

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