5 Top Tips on Getting Your Puppy to Listen to You

It can be pretty frustrating when your puppy refuses to listen to you; still, you must try figuring out the reasons for its disobedience. Your furry friend might have several reasons for not obeying your commands or it could be that the puppy is notoriously stubborn.

For instance, Chihuahua, Dachshund, and Boston terrier are some dog breeds known for their naïve conduct. Stress, anxiety, deteriorating hearing ability, and overwhelming situations are a few other reasons for a fur baby not listening to its owners.

If your pet pooch isn’t listening to you lately, it most likely has some issues. Sudden behavioral changes should be concerning because they can point to serious underlying health issues. A vet visit might be unavoidable in such a case. Early detection and resolution of health problems can save your pet from much misery in the future.

Providing your fur companion timely medical care need not be financially cumbersome with the help of top rated pet insurance, which is why you should consider searching for popular insurance for pets online and signing up for a policy.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn some tips for getting your puppy to listen to you.

#1 Watch your tone

Managing the problem can be easy if you pay attention to how you communicate with your dog. Consider talking to your pet in a soft voice and gentle tone; the same instruction goes while commanding your pet too. Yelling frantically at your little pupper can confuse and divert it from the training session. It is likely that your furry pet focuses on your agitated gestures and simply ignores the commands.

#2 Environmental changes

Significant environmental changes can affect a fur baby on many levels. For instance, new additions to the family, whether people or animals, can take a toll on your puppy’s health. In times like these and many other uncomfortable situations, you can remove your canine companion from the stress-inducing scenario for a brief period to lower anxiousness and continue with the training session peacefully. A new walking route or neighborhood park can positively impact your puppy’s mind.

#3 Enrol puppy in dog classes

Consider enrolling your fur baby in dog classes. Tailor-made puppy courses can help set your pet on the path to good discipline quickly. Animal trainers in these classes offer dog-specific ideas after they have had an opportunity to train them. With their help, it can be easy to train your puppy in a short span.

#4 Assess your expectations

Sometimes it is easy to get carried away and expect too much from our canine companions. This is why you must take a step back and contemplate if you are asking too much from your beloved puppy. It is worth noting that unrealistic expectations can cause anxiousness in pets when they realize they wouldn’t be able to satisfy their owners. As a result, they might try to avoid their human parents or retreat into a shell when unable to follow the commands during a training session. Start training your pet with simple commands and gradually raise the bar for the best training outcomes.

#5 Be positive

Being positive throughout the session can take your pet a long way in the training journey. Puppies respond effectively when they know their owners are happy. So, don’t frown; praise your pet genuinely when it accomplishes a task, and don’t punish it even when something doesn’t go according to the plan.

You must stay positive and consistent despite not seeing quick results. This way, rest assured your puppy will pick up the commands one by one within no time. Patience and determination can work wonders while working on disciplining your puppy.

At the same time, be prepared with top-rated pet insurance, so your fur companion is comprehensively covered. Search insurance for pets online and contemplate purchasing the best policy, so you have little financial worries during accidents, injuries, specific illnesses, and emergencies.

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