5 Tips to Spend a Perfect Caravan Vacation With Family

Caravanning, also known as campervanning, is one of the most convenient ways to go on an all-family vacation. That’s for the simple reason that most caravans are designed to accommodate a high number of travelers. 

Most travel caravans also feature fully-equipped small kitchens and comfortable beds that you can use as chairs or dinner tables, as well as portable toilet and bathroom facilities. Coupled with the fact that these vehicles are engineered for both on-road and off-road traveling, they allow you to cruise with your family to just about any tourist spot. 

What’s more, there are various tips you can implement to make your all-family caravan trip even more memorable. This article highlights the top five tips to have an unforgettable caravan holiday with your family.  

There are two main types of caravan, namely Static Caravans and Touring Caravans. Static caravans are designed to move only once to a semi-permanent site. You’ll often find these caravans in locations like a holiday or caravan park. The main benefit of static caravans is that they’re more cost-effective than their motorized counterparts. Plus, they allow your family to be part of a community. And just like any standard caravan, most static caravans come complete with a fully-equipped kitchen, bathrooms, and good insulation to shield you from the elements. 

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There are various types of static caravans for sale in Cornwall to choose from, including single static caravan, summer caravan, winterized caravan, log cabin caravans, to mention but a few. You only need to define your needs and then find a suitable static caravan seller or renter. On the other hand, touring caravans, also known as motorized caravans or motor homes, are separate living quarters designed to be hauled behind a regular vehicle. Like static caravans, motorized caravans are fitted with modern travel-friendly amenities, such as a kitchen, sleeping area, bathrooms, and a portable toilet. 

However, touring vans come with an additional convenience in that you don’t need to retreat to specific sites every evening. Instead, you can quickly go to sleep whenever nightfall finds you.

NOTE: Since touring caravans are the favorite for most travelers, the next tips only apply to these types of caravans.

  • Ensure you can drive it

It’s easy to assume that you can drive a caravan just because you possess a valid driver’s license. The excitement associated with going on an all-family vacation may also have you rush into renting a caravan before you’re sure you can maneuver the vehicle. But as you shall find, driving a caravan is a bit more challenging compared to driving your regular car. That’s mainly due to the vehicle’s size and turning radius. The additional weight exerted by your entire household can make driving a caravan all the more difficult. 

So, always ensure that you can already drive a caravan even before thinking of renting one. It’s advisable to practice driving the vehicle first before renting it. And when it comes to renting a caravan, inquire about the benefits of manual and automatic transmission. If you’ve never driven manual cars before, you might want to reconsider renting a manual caravan. 

  • Make the most of every amenity.

As we’ve already pointed out, a typical caravan comes with a fully-equipped kitchen. This comfortable bed transforms into a couch or dinner table, a bathroom, and a portable toilet. Depending on the van you choose, you might also find additional facilities like portable solar panels. 

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So, whichever way you look at it, a caravan is a home away from home. And since you’re probably traveling with your entire household, it’s essential to make the most of every amenity. In other words, don’t tag along or buy things you might never use, such as mobile showers or power banks. Consider the van as your hotel room, with most of the basic amenities already supplied. 

  • Carry the essentials

Many caravans indeed come with basic travel amenities. But in the end, remember that these are vehicles and not real homes. So, you’ll still need to pack extra essentials to have a fantastic family vacation. Some of the things you should carry for an all-family caravan trip include kitchen utensils like a good knife and cutting board and toiletries like toilet papers, shower gels, and shampoos. 

If you’re traveling with a baby, don’t forget baby wipes. Pet wipes will also come in handy if you’re caravanning with your adorable four-legged friend. Other essential items include a little broom, sunscreen, and bug spray.

  • Choose an excellent camping site.

At the end of a long and scenic road drive, you’ll want to park your caravan in a nice spot where you can while the night away. This should be a secure and preferably a well-protected area. You should know that tourists remain prime targets for violent robberies around the world. 

Besides security, you should also check the topography of the camping site you choose. For instance, it would be plain silly to park your caravan on sloppy or rocky grounds. When selecting a good caravan camping site, other considerations include access to major roads, amenities like barbeque areas, pet-friendliness, etc.

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An all-family caravan vacation is one of the most thrill-inspiring trips ever. But like any other vacation, caravanning comes with its risks and challenges. Hopefully, you can implement the above-listed tips and ensure your next caravan trip is as impressive as it can be.

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