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5 Effective Tips for Travel Agencies to Grow on Instagram!

If you’re going to launch a travel agency then Instagram can be the best option for you! The travel industry is the fastest growing industry in terms of Instagram marketing; as per a survey, 60% of people use it to find new locations to visit, and 70% of people get the help to publish their trip goals on Instagram. Instagram can be the best option to promote a travel agency because most of the people who use Instagram are of the age group between 18 to 29 years which means a young group of people can be the biggest asset of your traveling agency. Well, as per,even with 40000 followers on Instagram, you can make a difference in the travel business. Therefore, without further ado, let’s dig a little deep to explore the top tips with which you can grow your travel business on Instagram.

Provide More Content to Your Audience Consistently

If you want to build a huge audience on Instagram then you’ve to understand audience psychology. People want a continuous flow or consistency in quality content. That’s why being consistent on Instagram works like a magic to grow with double speed. If you become regular on Instagram and post consistently and share regular stories, even Instagram algorithms pick your content and your agency can get a boost in gaining traffic.

Take the Benefit of IGTV

IGTV is a very popular platform of Instagram where people get access to post videos on Instagram. IGTV provides a facility to upload a long-length video, so whenever you visit some new places or find something attractive then you can share the whole story using the video format. People want a connection with influencers and can become bored after watching the same type of content regularly. So, here in such circumstances, IGTV works smoothly as it allows you to share travel tips/tricks and videos with your audience and helps to make a strong relationship with them.

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Give Social Proofs to the Audience

Nowadays, the most expensive thing in the world is trust, you can’t buy trust with money but you can get it slowly and gradually with your best honest efforts. People always want social proof before taking any action and before trusting your brand and that’s why people seek reviews from the customer. This is the reason that unboxing and review type videos get millions of views. So, if you want to grow faster, always provide social proofs. Always collect feedback from the customers and post positive ones on Instagram to generate social proof so that people can get more attracted to your agency.

As a beginner, you can also collaborate with some other brands in your industry; it will help both of you to grow faster and will thrash 90% of the competition. Once you build trust with your audience, you will get more likes and followers and apart from that, you can also buy 50 likes on Instagram if you’re a beginner in that field so that it can boost your reach.

Add Geotags on the Images

Instagram provides a feature called geotags through which you can add geolocation of the picture and that is really effective in terms of Instagram’s algorithm. Adding geotags will help you to get more impressions and increase the audience base as well. There are a large number of people who search for terms related to traveling including destinations. So, when you add geotags to your post then your content ranks at the top.

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To make a great traveling agency, always perform some research about traveling locations and provide informative and enjoyable content to your audience related to that location. Apart from that, there are many splendid places that people even don’t know, so you can share them on your Instagram account to get more user interactions.

Take the Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are the best ever feature that Instagram introduced. Content or post without hashtags seems useless and never attracts much audience, no matter how gorgeous that post was, and vice-versa a normal post can get millions of traffic by the correct use of hashtags, that’s the power of hashtags. You can use the hashtags that are popular among the people or you can also use Instagram insights to find out what the audience likes more. You can also choose the hashtags that other traveling agencies are using. 


So, here you have got some important tips that can grow any traveling agency on Instagram. You can’t deny that Instagram is the finest platform for travel agencies. Instagram consists of youth that is the biggest asset of travel agencies. The top traveling agencies know that Instagram marketing is not only the task of sharing images, there is a lot more to do. Therefore, make good use of the tips and make your traveling agency a stellar performer on Instagram!

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