5 easy ways to solve puzzles using simple tricks


Isn’t it exciting to solve crosswords, sudokus, and other puzzles in your free time? There are various types of puzzles, like mechanical puzzles, logic puzzles, maths puzzles, word puzzles, and so on. These are not merely time-pass games. Puzzles also test a person’s knowledge and how well they can comprehend the hints. On the one hand, it can be truly intriguing to solve them; however, on the other hand, it can sometimes become increasingly difficult. In such situations, we usually tend to frustrate or give up on it. However, if you love solving puzzles, then this article will certainly guide you towards making each experience even more worthwhile. It will take you to five amazing tips and tricks on how you can quickly solve a puzzle with a higher concentration level. It often happens that we get interrupted in the middle of it and then resuming back to where we began, becomes tedious.

Solving a crossword is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It belongs to the category of word puzzles consisting of back and white grids. These are usually in a square or rectangular shape. The main aim of solving this puzzle is to fill the white grids with the help of some clues. 

So let us quickly dive into the top five tips to solve the puzzle effortlessly and in simple steps.

The e-crosswords

  1. Hit on to the Fill-in-the-Blanks Clue 

Did you know that the FITB clues are the easiest to decipher? Well, you must not leave a chance to use them so that you can find your way through the puzzle. These will give you a kickstart to uncover the mysteries behind the unanswered blocks. These clues are easy to spot, as well as easy to solve. Discovering at least a few empty boxes can act as a big boon. 

  1. Begin with the short letter words
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As in a crossword, the words you need to fill in can be of varied size. For example, there can be a word as sharp as a three-letter word while there can be words consisting of more than seven letters. Here, the point is, clearing out the shorter words would make space for finding out the comparatively longer words.

  1. Follow the lead of the Clues

Never undermine the clues as they have got most of your answers. Study them intricately and try to extract the best you can. Check for the tense in which the evidence is given. The answer will most probably be in the same tense. Likewise, it goes or all other parts of speech. If the question is asking something in plural form, then it is inevitable that your answer would end up in ‘s’. These little points can make a huge difference when you take them into account. 

Use pencils for solving a puzzle

  1. Solve with an open mind

We often get carried away which leads to improper conclusions. We should always solve crosswords with a fresh and open mind. We must also consider the fact that a single word can have multiple meanings and the context in which the clue is given, matters. Guessing the answers just like the hit-and-trial method is another great option. Always use a pencil to solve a puzzle as it can be easily modified. It becomes easier when it is an e-crossword. 

  1. It isn’t bad to look into some references

Ever hesitated to look up similar words in the dictionary, or to take the help of the internet? Well, as a beginner, it isn’t a bad idea to seek help. You can go and ask your friends, elders, or anyone you think can get you a strategy. When exhausted, it is time you look into the answers and analyze where you were going wrong. The next time you’re stuck, try to think harder, and you’ll find your way. Surf the net for new york times crossword answers, and you can find solutions for a variety of puzzles at varying difficulty levels.

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Crosswords are fun


Solving a crossword is fun as it is more like a game. You should not take it a responsibility to be completed in time. Moreover, it is a win-win situation if you start enjoying the game. It is because it will keep you indulged in an activity that will help you grow personally as well as professionally. Previously, the crosswords given in the daily newspapers had their results published in the next day’s paper. However, as the world is turning towards digitization, the crosswords too can be solved online. So now you can start your journey with a better idea of how to solve the puzzle quickly.

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