5 Challenges in Heavy Equipment Moving and How to Deal with Them

At some point of business, almost all businesses need to move heavy equipment and machinery. It can be for the purpose of relocation or simply the business revolves around heavy equipment moving. Therefore, business owners must approach machinery transportation projects while realizing the needs and requirements of machinery moving, and according to what is best for the equipment and property. While doing the job according to its requirements, there are few challenges waiting for business owners. This article discusses 5 biggest challenges for machinery moving.

Let’s take a look at the five main challenges which heavy machinery movers come across in routine. They can help you determine if you are approaching the project from the right angle.

1. Pack the Machinery Properly

Improper packaging leads to dents, shocks, and other complex damages. One way to ensure the safety, of machine and people handling it, is to pack it correctly while transporting heavy equipment. Although some companies try to achieve this by wrapping the sensitive parts of the machine in a shrink wrap, so that they remain in one place and also remain protected from dust and debris which can damage the machine. However the challenge in this approach is that a gigantic machine cannot be wrapped entirely.

Professional heavy machinery movers can find those materials which can help avoid any damages or mishaps during transportation. Hence, it is ideal to use such a packaging that provides cushioning for the machine, so that during shifting the machine remains protected from any harm.

2. The Weight of the Machine

Another challenge which heavy machinery movers come across is the heavy weight of machines to be transported. The giant machine which weighs a lot comes with its own complex issues during transportation. If it’s the kind of machine which cannot be disassembled, it will require a crane or other lifter to move it. Professional movers understand the dynamics of moving huge equipment throughout commercial and industrial spaces. They realize the significance of maintaining stability and preventing damage.

Through rigging, the heavy machines from higher locations can be transported to the transporting vehicle. If the space is tight, a millwright can help with moving complex machinery. Also, this issue can be dealt with by building tools on-site for safe machinery movement. It is critically important to chalk out a detailed plan about how the movers will lift and move the machine from its location safely without coming across any employee injury, financial loss, machinery damage, or a fatality.

3. Dismantling and Reassembling the Machines

Some machines can be disassembled from the pickup location, to be reassembled at the destination locations. This process makes the machinery movement easy, convenient and safe. However, this process requires professional expertise to handle the machines. Novices or laymen cannot understand the movement requirements by merely looking at the blueprints for each different machine. Hence, if the project involves dismantling and reassembling of a machine, you must get in touch with professional heavy equipment movers.

The professional involvement will reduce the risk of damages or possible malfunctioning and also save your business from unnecessary downtime.

4. Personal Injuries for Workers

Machinery moving by non-professionals increases the chances of risk of damages and injuries. Heavy equipment movers are at bigger risk of personal injuries. A small slip here and there might cause grave damages, therefore, you hiring professionals is recommended because they know the ins and out of procedure, and can perform any such job safely and securely. Often those companies which try to move equipment quickly retort to such short cuts which often lead to serious liabilities. Employing a company’s own workers put them to greater risk of injuries, equipment damages and serious financial losses. Consequently, increasing workers’ compensation claims.

5. The Right Vehicle to Transport the Machine

One the big challenges of heavy equipment moving is choosing the right vehicle to transport the giant machinery.  Normally, the size and weight of the machine determine the type of vehicle perfect for transportation. However, by dismantling the machine into smaller pieces, you can use a standard transport vehicle as well. Professional movers can deal with this challenge efficiently by considering the machine, its transportation requirements and making arrangements accordingly. Professional heavy equipment movers help reduce risks to personnel involved, client’s property and equipment.

Final Words.

Heavy machinery moving is one the biggest challenges which business owners face very frequently. Faulty rigging leads to accidents such as collisions, falls, and injuries for workers. Lawson Inc. understands the delicacies and requirements of handling heavy equipment.  Our team of professionals can lift, transport and handle all kinds of heavy equipment without any risk for any party. Whether you need to move heavy machinery locally such as around Sacramento, or you need to transport heavy International Imports Sacramento. Lawson Inc can perform all jobs efficiently and effectively. To know more about us, visit our website or get in touch with our representative today.

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