4 Press Release Distribution Services to Try

Whether you’re a one-man start-up or a big business, the ongoing success of your product or service is dependent on exposure. That’s where a press release comes in. A professionally crafted press release, like this example, will generate the buzz and media coverage needed to convert prospective leads into paying customers.

New business owners often try to bypass press release distribution services to cut down on costs. This is not recommended, as the time required to write your own press release and manually compile a list of journalists for distribution demands significant resources. Remember, the initial cost of the press release will typically be off-set by the amount of sales it generates.

Here are four press release distribution services to supercharge your next product launch:

PR Newswire

Cision’s PR Newswire is one of the heaviest hitters around, boasting over 60 years of experience in the game and a strong syndication network of over 3000 media outlets. These outlets include reputable publications like Yahoo Finance, CNBC and Reader’s Digest. Additionally, PR Newswire will disseminate your press release to its 50,000+ Twitter followers. Got a niche product? No problem, the company allows you to target different demographics, with options to filter by age, gender, religion, and lifestyle.

PR Newswire is one of the costliest services around, but you’re paying for access to an extremely robust network.


Ereleases is another press release distribution service that has stood the test of time, having first entered the scene 20+ years ago. Despite its age, the company rolls exceptionally well with the times, providing search engine optimisation on all its releases. Ereleases purports to have a distribution network of greater than 4500 major news networks, including The Huffington Post and NBC.

Ereleases large network doesn’t stop you from getting a personalized experience. The company proudly provides a hyper-targeting service which allows you to connect with industry-specific contacts, including bloggers and social media influencers. You can even monitor how your press release is performing in real time using Ereleases in-depth traffic, audience and engagement metrics.

Ereleases is a great choice for small businesses.


SiteTrail is known to have one of the largest distribution networks around and is typically favored by B2B clients. As the only platform that currently combines press releases with editorial content, this respectable PR distribution firm can get your brand into a reputable publication like Forbes without the need for a press release content tag.

Combining your release with editorial content is a perfect strategy for creating ongoing link equality, ensuring that you’ll still receive traffic years after the initial release. This makes it the best choice for businesses needing to significantly scale up their online presence.

SiteTrail is known for its lightning fast turnaround time and strong journalistic support throughout the process. Notable clients of the business include Zoom, Gillette and Hyundai.


For businesses on a tight budget, PRFree may be the answer. Offering both free and paid plans, PRFree provides a watered down version of what its pricey competitors are serving up. The company has a network of around 40 media sources and lets small businesses produce one free press release per quarter. PrFree describes itself not just as a press distribution service but it’s also a business directory and aggregator of digital press releases.

PRFree’s lack of social sharing tools and search engine optimization may turn off more experienced businesses. However, it’s a good starting point for companies just getting into the PR game.

In the over-saturated 2023 online marketplace, getting your brand noticed is more important than ever. Mastering the art of the perfect press release is a huge challenge. Take the guesswork out by using a distribution service and catapult your business onto the world stage today.

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