4 Common Types Of Trade Show Booths You’ll Find Almost Everywhere

Trade show Displays are visual representations of a company’s brand, products, and services at trade shows. They are mainly created and deployed for trade shows, exhibitions, meetings, or other events of the types mentioned above. 

Unlike common forms of advertising, trade show booths offer the potential for attracting attention, conveying information, distributing sales materials, and collecting prospects.

There are numerous shapes, styles, and functionalities of trade show displays. Other temporary structures require extensive on-site erecting, and some are small and easily transportable. Several hundred dollars go toward some, but thousands go toward others. 

The displays come in off-the-shelf modules that can be configured to meet a company’s specific needs, and they can also be custom-designed. Rental and purchase of trade show display equipment are offered by most vendors in both standard and customized options.

Below are four types of exhibits commonly used at trade shows – and what each offers.

Inline Booth.

Booths in an inline configuration are arranged back-to-back and side-by-side in lines. As many booths as possible are incorporated into the event space, maximizing its length. 

Expect not to have much space on all sides if you set up an inline booth. The clear aisle allows you to interact and collaborate with those at the booths next to you as you pass by.

Peninsula Booth.

There are two options of peninsula booths: one is usually located at the end of a booth line, the other mounted on another peninsula booth. It is convenient to have a peninsula booth because it offers a lot of space – most of them measure 20 by 20 feet or more. 

In addition, you can design and heighten your display with it. Peninsula booths provide customers with maximum exposure since they are located on three sides.

Perimeter Booth.

Peripheral booths have the same layout as an inline booth but are surrounded on both sides. A potential advantage, though, is that you can mount this kind of booth to a wall behind the display, which comes in handy for large displays. 

Your brand exposure and patron interest will be increased if you utilize maximum height potential.

Island Booth.

A booth on an island is the best way to offer patrons access to the booth. The best entry option for patrons is a booth with four open sides. Because it has no sides, you can have the maximum degree of flexibility when creating a display that suits your needs.

Wrapping Up

Trade show displays & exhibits create an impact on your attendees and can be arranged to reflect your company’s personality, providing a colorful design, functionality, portability, and ease of setting up, which will attract people to your booth.  

Depending on the exhibit, it can cost up to several hundred thousand dollars or as little as one thousand dollars.  Trade show displays are available in a wide range of budgets. Portable, modular, and custom solutions are available. 

Displays built on modular construction can be reworked to fit different sizes or fitted with a multitude of accessories. The highest degree of flexibility can be achieved with custom exhibits, which can be modular.  A portable exhibit is easy to set up, easy to take down, and easy to ship. 

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