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4 Amazing Ideas for Pool Renovation

If you are planning to get your pool renovated, there are a lot of possibilities and ideas for California Pool Renovation. Of course the possibilities can become limited because of already existing structure. However, that does not mean that you cannot explore much or experiment little bit. You can get a custom pool built by adding features and amenities of your choice. These will not only add to and aesthetic appeal of the pool but also enhance the value of your home.

This article discusses 4 amazing ideas about pool renovation.

1. Adding New Features and Enhancements

The most popular approach for pool renovation is addition of new features like waterfalls, water jets, and water slides. These features not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your property, but also enrich your whole swimming pool experience.

  • Creative Waterfalls

Waterfalls are an ideal complement for any pool as they change the entire feel and outlook of a pool. You can have a natural-stone waterfall or an artificial stone waterfall.

  • Bubblers

One way to upgrade your indoor swimming is adding fountain bubblers. These bubblers are designed to act as “mini-geysers” in a pool. This feature is particularly very popular among kids.

  • Pool Waterslide

Adding a swimming pool waterslide adds to overall functionality and a new dimension to a pool. A waterslide will make your pool more fun and entertaining for everyone. You don’t have to go to water Entertainment Park with this installment.

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2. Adding Technology and Safety Features

The most popular kind of enhancement and up gradation for any pool is to add technological features which improve energy efficiency. With small tech features additions you can save phenomenal costs every year.

For example with improving pump efficiency, you can maintain pool temperature and save on energy usage, because variable speed pump use 30 – 45% less energy. The cost of heating pool water can be lowered by adding water temperature efficiency. Using energy-efficient components, you can save significant pool heating cost. These can help keep costs in control by maintaining water temperature, and preventing water waste. You can also consider using energy efficient lights to lower the cost even more. Custom Pools Builders Bay Area can also add saltwater conversion which helps reduce the cost because you don’t have to buy or handle any chemicals to keep water composition regulated. The maintenance cost and operational cost for salt-water pools is quite low.

While renovating pool, it is recommended to add safety features to ensure safety of the users. With the help of pool fencing, the overall safety of the pool can be increased. You can pick fence of any material; aluminum, steel, wood, chain link, or vinyl; based on your needs and taste.

3. Remodeling the swimming pool deck

Swimming pool deck adds to the beauty of a pool. You can pick a deck from sleek and modern, to green and natural. There is also an option to choose from flagstone, pavers, or textured decks, which can be picked as per your taste, pool theme, and environment.

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A concrete deck can be finished in various colors and stamping. Because of its affordability and flexibility, it is highly popular option. Although wood decking is affordable and easier to install, however, it needs more frequent maintenance which increases the overall cost.

Made from plastic-like polymer material, composite wood decking appears like wood but offers benefits of plastic. It is more resistant and durable. And of course, the stone decking comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Stone decking add a more natural appearance to your pool and is more aesthetically appealing. They are non-slip surface which do not wear out easily.

Pool deck can also be made using unglazed tiles, for adding more style to a pool landscape. Available in countless styles, colors, and finishes, these are a great way to add value to your pool.

4. Remodeling existing pool features

Pool renovation or remodeling pool features can make your existing pool into an amazing outdoor experience. By replacing your pool liner, you are not only addressing a maintenance requirement, but also giving a whole new updated look to your pool.

Final Words

Whether you want pool renovation, or need services of custom pool builders in Bay area, Aqua Gunite is dedicated to satisfying your needs and budget constraints. We are here to ensure that our pool solutions are durable and have a longer life. Our team of custom pool builders and designers are here to fulfill your “wish list” and meet your every expectation. To know more about our services, visit our website or talk to our representative.

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