10 Ways Using Social Media Will Increase Your Small Business Revenue

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research center in 2019, seven-in-ten or 69% of American adults use Facebook actively. And that’s just one social media platform we are talking about. This enlightening demographic makes leveraging social media in any business strategy.

For small business setups with limited resources, social media becomes even important. There’s nothing better than social media when it comes to connecting with the customers who love your brand. In addition, it opens up endless opportunities to gain exposure to prospective customers who are yet to discover your brand.

This is true for any business niche. Whether you are running a staffing agency, or have just introduced a makeup line or you are aiming to start a law firm, social media forums are equally relevant. Because users with all sorts of needs are active on these social networking sites.

Let’s get started with social!

10 Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Small Business

  1. Improves Search Engine Ranking.
  2. Increases Leads.
  3. Social Media is Ubiquitous.
  4. Changes Your Email Marketing Strategy.
  5. Fast Way to Spread the Word.
  6. It Reaches All Demographics and Ages.
  7. You Get to Engage with Active Users.
  8. Helps Building Strong Relationships with Customers.
  9. You Get to Share about Your Brand.
  10. Social Media Ensures Stellar Customer Service.

Improves Search Engine Ranking

Social media can improve your ranking in the search engine results. When your followers on social media share your posts and content, the domain authority of your site increases.

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But there’s more to it. People are addicted to social media and before they head to your official website to make a purchase, they will look up your brand on social media. Make sure you have created a solid brand personality on social networking sites. Impress them with great and useful content!

The more they are hooked to your social media profiles exploring your content, the more it will boost your page ranking.

Increases Leads

According to a report, around 65% of small businesses with active social media presence witnessed increased leads. And not just leads; highly qualified leads. Thanks to the advanced targeting of social media!

You can use social media to enhance the quality of your leads. To do so, you will have to create high-quality, original, unique, engaging, and useful content. Some quick tips are:

  • Design graphics about your brand, which are visually appealing.
  • Create content that interests your social media audience.
  • You can add video content as it is highly engaging.
  • Add a call to action with your content.

Social Media Is Ubiquitous

Most of us have handy social media apps installed on our smartphones. And we keep scrolling them even without a purpose. This is a great opportunity for businesses to gain exposure. Small businesses need to work hard to provide a mobile-friendly experience.

Introduce the “Shop Now” button on your social media profile. This will allow the users to be redirected to your official website. Most Americans shop via their smartphones. And being a small business owner, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Make sure you have active business profiles on all popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on. If you don’t have them, you can miss selling opportunities.

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Changes Your Email Marketing Strategy

You no longer have to rely on old-school email marketing because the game is completely changed! Instead of email, you can share your newsletters all across social networks. This can expose your content to a whole new audience. And it can generate the kind of buzz you are craving for!

Users check social media unlimited times a day. On the contrary, they check emails rarely. And mostly when the emails are work-related.

A Fast Way to Spread the Word

Generating brand awareness is made easy with social media. The algorithms on Instagram and Facebook are so business-friendly that if a user is looking up businesses from your niche, social media will advertise your brand somewhere in their feed too. If you are opening a new business, spread the word through the different posts to generate curiosity among your followers, you can even use coming soon design templates from PhotoADKing to make your post unique and attractive.

Moreover, social media helps you grow strong relationships with the audience you are targeting.

Reaches All Demographics and Ages

Social media has defied all age barriers. People from all generational groupings are addicted. Millennials, baby boomers, Gen Z, all of them! Yes, the 18-29 age group wins but people from other age groups are also using social media substantially.

Therefore, now that you know that young and old are logged on to these sites, create user-friendly content to reach out to all of them. You get to have exposure to all the generational groupings out there and that’s a great thing about social media!

You Get to Engage with Active Users

When they say they are on Facebook or Instagram, they really are! According to a report, an average American user on social media checks in their account seventeen times a day. This means that your content, products, and services have every opportunity to reach prospective customers.

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While a customer goes to your brick-and-mortar store once a week, they can see your social media posts dozens of times a day!

Helps Build Strong Relationships with Customers

You can take advantage of this unique benefit of social media marketing. It allows you to talk to followers and customers directly. The in-app messengers and DM facility allows you to talk to your customers directly.

If you are good at dealing, your customers will remember you and will shop with you again. You will be able to gain their trust. Customers today like to interact with a brand they are shopping from. And when they engage with your ads or organic content don’t miss the opportunity of engaging back.

Nurture the relationships and you will witness sales increasing over time.

You Get to Share about Your Brand

As much as you want! Social media has become a go-to place for customers to discover the products, services, limited-time offers, upcoming events, and your journey to success. They would love to know the faces behind the brands they love.

You can be creative with the content you want to share to hook your customers. Also, take advantage of video content, story snippets, and marketing campaign teasers to keep up with the trending marketing ideas. Your customers will love them!

Social Media Ensures Stellar Customer Service

Robust communication with your customers allows you to know their needs, expectations, pain points, and the kind of shopping experience they are looking for. Not only this helps you tweak your marketing strategies, but it also contributes is ensuring highly effective customer services.

All these tips are effective and relevant to all sorts and sizes of businesses like gadget stores, IT staffing agencies, clothing brands, and so on.

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