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10 tips on How to optimize your e-commerce Website

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Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, people are more into the idea of online shopping. They consider this an authentic, smart, and less time-consuming way to find the essentials of life. This is why the e-commerce sector is growing way too fast and businesses around the globe are taking a smart turn!

-For the year of 2019, retail e-commerce sales around the entire globe were calculated up to $3.53 trillion and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to $6.54 trillion in 2022. This ratio is also predicted to grow by almost 15% every year. 

With this growth rate of the e-commerce sector, online shopping continues to be the most popular online activities around the world.


With the world facing pandemics, people prefer to shop right from home. This is one of the biggest reasons that has given online shopping a major breakthrough into the sector of e-commerce. 

Coming to the point of what e-commerce is and how is it revolutionizing the world? 

The simplest definition of e-commerce says that it is the business models on the internet where buying and selling become easiest! It is the activity of promoting your business and enhancing your sales among the audience. The process works gradually but it is worth the wait. 

Talking about the online businesses that are growing way too fast due to the people’s massive interest in the online shopping, we can predict that in the future, people would definitely be going with the  Here the internet and social media are also serving as the fuel to the growth of the online business. 


Due to the high competition in the market of online businesses, being smart enough is very important to create excellent strategies that could further result in the boost of sales. The optimization of the e-commerce website plays a vital plank over here. 

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Professional writers from assignment help London emphasized that an individual must be smart and keen about his business to have an edge over the competitors. Working harder is not the key here; you have to work smarter in order to get successful among your competitors. 

Is your business achieving the decided milestones? 

Is your online store performing the best? 

These are some of the questions that every online store owner must think of. Until and unless, every person who visits your business website doesn’t make a purchase before exiting, there is a major room for the improvement in the conversion department of the business. 

One smart move for the optimization and BAM, your business sales will boost tremendously. 

But wait! What if the move isn’t powerful yet smart? The business will face failure for sure and you definitely don’t want that. 

I have compiled a complete guide of 10 tips that would help you to optimize your e-commerce website for better conversions. Incorporating these tips will help your e-commerce business store to get recognized among the audience. Let’s have a look at these tips. 

Page load speed:

It just takes two seconds to decide the fate of the website that either the person would stay here or not. Your website loading speed is the only thing that could actually hold on to your visitor to turn into the consumer. 

53% of the customers lose their interest right there when the website doesn’t load within two seconds. This can cost up to $125,000 in lost revenue. You need to speed up your pages and website to enhance the reach among the audience. 

Inbound marketing:

Inbound marketing plays an essential role in the promotion of the business. You have to draw the attention of potential customers to your online store by creating relevant and authentic content. Identify the answers to the main queries of the customers via your content. 

Here, business blogs can come in handy and can get your marketing strategy go right. This is also an authentic way to take the feedback from the people as they can let you know the weak areas about the products and the services. Promote your products by linking the audience in the blogs. 

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Personalized recommendations:

Personalized recommendations: Taking the help of the search histories of the audience and showing them the personalized recommendation is the best way to turn the visitors into consumers. Around 45% of the online shopper look for the e-commerce stores that offers the personalized recommendations. This is also a nicer way to introduce your services and products to the targeted audience. Therefore you may also improve your conversion rate. Professionals from CRO agency suggests using personalized CTA’s for this reason. Here, your creative marketing skills also come into play. You would have to keep the track of the user’s location, purchase history, preferences, and traffic sources.

Have a persistent shopping cart:

That widget at the right corner of the online stores is the game-changer of their business. The persistent shopping cart acts like gawking at you and you end up buying something of your choice to see that cart filled up. 

This is one of the most recommended ways to turn your visitors into the consumers. The consumers can also fill up the cart as well and can leave to wind up the purchase in couple of days. You would have to keep their carts intact. 

Ways to save and free shipping:

Giving the ways to save, discounted deals, and different packages is also an excellent way to have better conversions. You can ask the consumers to use the promo codes and you can also take the help of affiliated marketing here to promote your product. 

This will surely bring huge traffic to you and people would like to buy the products of their favorite influencer. Free shipping and no delivery fees to a maximum range of areas is also going to boost your consumers. 

Live chat and intelligent chatbots:

Bringing the live chat into your business is going to make your conversion skyrocket. People now prefer to interact with the person in a live chat to clear their queries and doubts about the products and services. 

Besides this, your business must also introduce an intelligent chatbot to increase the conversion manifolds. A well-developed smart chatbot would also behave like a human agent 24/7. It would also be able to direct the consumers to the desired products quickly. 

Reviews, feedback, and testimonials:

With the help of reviews and feedback, a website is able to gain recognition among the audience. You can get the views of your customers over your products and services to enhance the communication with them. Also, this will boost your credibility! Also you can read the reviews of on Trustpilot as students these reading before hiring 7dollaressay writers for their essays.

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The testimonials must be written on your business website to get the attention of people. The consumers would find you trustable and this will bring you more into the limelight. It is also the most recommended way for enhanced conversions. 

Effective marketing:

Use of social media to the optimum level is very important to boost the visibility of the website of your business. The conversion rates in your business are likely to be dependent over the strong online marketing strategy. 

Using Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook, Advertising, and PPC can add a handful of efficiency in your marketing of the business. Make sure to create a page of business over every social platform and gain a strong social media presence. 

Site optimization and navigation:

The site optimization also plays a significant role in bringing your business to the higher rankings of search engines. The sleek designs and content optimization of the website also have a major impact on the consumer so make sure to optimize you website. 

The navigation includes a clean, uncluttered, and impressive layout of the website. You can structure the layout and keep the products in clear categories to make it easier for the user to navigate throughout the website. 

Call to action and simple checkout process:

The effective strategy of call to action brings a huge change in the growth of the business. You can increase the rate of conversion by keeping CTA buttons across the website and on the social media pages along with the blogs.

The smooth and streamlined checkout process can help your business to facilitate the customer’s decision of buying a product. Make sure that your checkout process is easy or else it will lead the cart to abandonment. 


With the aforementioned 10 tips, you would be able to optimize your e-commerce website for better conversions. Also, make yourself accessible by displaying a number or email on your e-commerce website. These tips will surely work for a long-term boost to the conversion rates! 

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