10 Best Media Players for Windows

A good media player is a must-have for every OS user. No matter which OS you use, music doesn’t sound like music without a good music player. It’s not very difficult to find a good media player for free. Just take a look at our list of top 10 Media Player for Windows.

  • Windows Media Player – Being the default media player, this tops the list of best media players for Microsoft Windows. This media player can be used for audio, video, and image viewing.
  •  VLC Media Player – This is another good and reliable media player for Windows. In fact, it’s always the second choice after Windows Media player for most people. This media player supports almost all file formats so no external codec pack needs to be installed and find Creative Computer Names Attract some creative person.
  • iTunes– As the name suggests, this media player and media organizer is an Apple Inc product. This organizer lets you purchase songs, videos, TV series, iOS apps from the iTunes store. If you are an Apple user then this is a must-have application as only this will keep you connected and let you transfer files and apps as well as back up your PC.
  • Real Player– This is a product from Real Networks and its basic version is available for free. This is a media player, media downloader, media management, and online media streamer. With Real Player Basic, you have unlimited access to online videos as well as play your videos in offline mode too.
  • Winamp– This is another popular media player for windows. This player has all the features needed for any good media player. But, this has lost market these days probably because of its slightly messy and difficult interface.
  • Media Monkey– This is a very handy software for organizing all your audio and video files and podcasts on your PC. You can also connect your iPhone, Android mobile, and MP3 to your PC through this.
  • Songbird – This software can be downloaded for free. Songbird has various features such as automatic media library management, automatic media importing, adding metadata from the internet, and downloading MP3 files Which Electronic Brand Is The Best?
  • Miro– This is an excellent software for arranging and organizing all your media files and downloading the video as well as a torrent downloader software for windows. Since it supports torrent, you can download audio and video from any site. It can also automatically scan your entire system or specific folders and add audio and video to it.
  • SMPlayer– This is a free and useful tool for playing all your video and audio files. This is a full-featured customizable media player and can be accessed without having to install external codec packs.
  • Style Jukebox– This is a very stylish media player for Windows. It lets you organize your media files with an easy-to-use interface that looks appealing as well. Since it’s currently in beta; it’s not a very stable option.
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Let your media player do the talking now.

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